Electric Smoker Heating Element With Thermostat

Electric Smoker Heating Element with Thermostat

There is no substitute for temperature control if you want to get the good smoky flavor of food in an electric smoker. And so there is no alternative to having a good heating element of the smoker. At the same time, the accessories attached to the heating element such as thermostat also play a very important role in bringing smoky flavor to the food. Whenever you go to buy a good smoker, you need to know well about its heating element and thermostat to see if the smoker is good. So today we will discuss the electric smoker heating element with thermostat in detail in this article.

Heating element

The heating element refers to an element through which we get heat energy from electricity. In general, the more current comes from the power supply to the heating element, the more it passes through the conductor and collides with its inner atom. The collision caused intense heat. For this reason, the material from which the conductor is made is a big factor.

Therefore, the better the heating element is made of electrically conductive material, the higher its heat generation capacity, retention capacity, smoke production capacity, and efficiency will be. Smoke production will be higher. As a result, the more smoky flavor can be found in the food. This is how it works. Therefore, by analyzing this system, it is easy to understand that the more current that comes in, the more the barrier will increase and the more heat will be generated.

The more power the smoker is able to operate on the power supply, the stronger the heating element will be and the more heat it will generate. As a result, the smoker will be able to prepare food at a higher temperature due to the stronger heating element.

Different Types Of Heating Element

Heating elements there are several types of heating elements, such as metal, semiconductor, ceramic, thick film heaters, polymer, etc. If it is made of metal wire then it is called a metal element. And if it is made with polymer then it is called polymer PTC. And if it is made of ceramic then it is called a ceramic heating element.

The metal element usually uses several metals as metal. These include Nicrochram wires (40% nickel, 20% chromium), canthal wire (FeCrAi), Cupronickel (CuNi), etched foil, etc. Notable among the ceramic and semiconductors are Molybdenum disilicide, Silicon Carbide, PTC ceramic elements, etc. If you choose the metal of Nicrochram as the heating element, you can smoke food at very high temperatures. This is because it conducts electricity at higher temperatures and generates more heat. And Cupronickel is not so much a conductor of electricity that it produces low heat.

Electric Smoker Heating Element With Thermostat

Things to know: Electric Smoker Heating Element with Thermostat

So whenever you go to buy a good smoker, you need to see what kind of metal the heating element is made of. Now if you prefer to smoke food at very high temperatures, then you have to choose a smoker with the heating element of Nicrochram or Ceramic or Polymer (PTC) as the hearting element. And if you love cold smoking, then a smoker with Cupronickel heating element will definitely be good for you.

Thermostat Controller

This is a device that can estimate the amount of heat generated in the cell inside the device. If you fix the temperature at which you want to cook here, it will be able to keep that temperature in the room for the entire cooking time. And in addition to a good heating element, if you are given the benefit of a good quality thermostat controller, then you will be able to smoke food at the temperature you want.

Because the thermostat controller will give you the opportunity to establish control over the cooking temperature. And if the switch of the thermostat controller is good, you can easily control the temperature by turning it. Now we will learn about the top-level heating element of the existing smokers in the market.

River Country’s electric smoker with heating element & thermostat controller

This company’s heating element and thermostat controller are very good. Because it can work in much more power supply. For example, it can work at 1500 watts. As a result, its heating element can generate a lot more heat due to its high power supply. Also its heating element can operate at 100 voltage which is high in number. At the same time, it has included a thermostat controller capable of operating at 110 volts. The thermostat controller has an indicator light that will help you see and measure the temperature. This thermostat controller is flexible.

Bottom Line

When you go to buy a good smoker, you must check the heating element and thermostat controller of the smoker to get the smoky flavor and taste from the food. At the same time, you will see how much power it works. However, try to get an electric smoker with a high power (1000-1500 watt) and high voltage (100-110 volt) heating element and thermostat controller (adjustable).

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