Best Wood Chips For Smoking Chicken

Best Wood Chips For Smoking Chicken

In this post today we will discuss some best wood chips needed for smoking chicken. Wood chips add flavor to the smoked chicken. Different types of fruity wood chips add fruity flavor to the smoked chicken. And today we are organizing our post with these fruity wood chips and various wood chips that bring flavor to the smoked chicken.

What is Wood Chip?

As soon as you hear the word wood chips it seems like it will be something made of wood, and that’s exactly what it is.

These are pieces of dried wood.

Furthermore,these pieces are made from different parts of the tree such as stems, branches, and bark, etc.

It tends to be smaller in size.

Best Wood Chips For Smoking Chicken

Things to Know

Trees are usually of two types. One being hardwood. The other is softwood. Hardwood is commonly used to smoke chicken. Although softwood is less used for cooking, it brings fruity flavor to food. Let’s find out now:


The wood of the trees whose leaves fall every year is commonly known as hardwood. These trees usually grow slowly. This results in dense insertions. And this feature has made this wood more suitable for cooking smoked chicken. And when they are cooked, they are used to make chicken smoke.


The wood of trees that do not lose their leaves in winter is known as softwood. These burn very quickly and create black smoke. As a result, it destroys the taste of food and makes a lot more ash.

Wood Chips

Some Types of Best Wood Chips for Smoking Chicken

There are many types of wood chips that are used for smoking chicken in various types of smokers. Hickory, Maple, Apple, Peach, Cherry, Oak, etc. are some of them. Let’s find out about these at a glance:


It is mainly a hardwood. It has a sweet taste. The flavor of these wood chips is nutty. It is quite effective in creating good flavor in cooking. It burns slowly over high heat.


Maple is a delicate wood that has a little less sweetness than Hickory. It also burns slowly over high heat.


Applewood is a fruity wood. Which is most suitable for cooking chicken. It takes a few hours to add flavor to cooking.


Peachwood adds a light sweetness to smoked chicken. It burns for a long time. It starts to lose flavor after some time of cutting. So always use fresh peach wood.

Cherry Wood

The flavor of cherry wood is mildly sweet. It burns with more heat for a relatively long time. However, if it is mixed with Hickory wood and used in cooking, more flavor is available. It brings a dark red color to the chicken.

Oak Wood Chips

It has a mild flavor. This is also mixed with little Applewood chips to create a great flavor. It has higher heat tolerance. 

Wood Chips



How to Choose the Best Wood Chips for Smoking Chicken?

There are four types of wood chips based on flavor. Flavor levels will help you choose the best wood chips for smoking chicken.

Mild Flavored Wood Chips

Softwood chips have a mild flavor. These are very useful for cooking chicken. Applewood and cherry wood chips add a mild flavor to the smoked chicken.

Medium Flavored Wood Chips

If you like the dark brown color of meat, it will be very good for you. It gives the meat a smoky flavor. Oak, Hickory, Maple wood chips are added with a medium flavor.

Strongly flavored wood chips

It is not very suitable for cooking chicken. However, it is more suitable for cooking beef. Because it gives a much stronger smoky flavor to the meat. Mesquite wood chips are strongly flavored.

Combo wood chips

By combining two or more wood chips you can create new types of flavors. You can mix two or more pieces of wood as per your wish to bring a new flavor. For this, you do not have to follow any strict rules.

Weber Apple wood chips

It has a nice fruity flavor.It brings sweet and fruity flavor to the meat.

  • Fruity flavor
  • Appropriate for smoking Chicken
  • Standard length
  • Usable instead of charcoal
  • Unable to produce super smoky flavor

Jack Daniels wood chips

Whiskey wood chips are usually oak wood chips. It is usually added with a whiskey flavor. But when it burns, it brings out its traditional oak flavor.

  • Whiskey as well as Oak flavor
  • 100% Pure Wood
  • Free of chemicals
  • Usable more than 4 times in case of each bag
  • Not usable more than 11-12 times in case of each bag

Variety gift set with wood smoking chips

You can make Variety gift set wood chips by combining eight different species of wood chips. It adds a variety of flavors.

  • Variety flavor
  • A combination of 8 different flavors of wood
  • Quick flammable
  • Absence of a single delicate flavor

Bradley smoker Bisquettes

It burns in just 20 minutes. That’s why you always have to maintain a constant temperature in your smoker.

  • Fresh flavor
  • Safe food product
  • 100% Pure wood
  • Burn Quickly

How would you use the best wood chips for smoking chicken?

You can use wood chips in the gas grill or charcoal grill in the smoker box. However, currently used smokers have a good system to keep wood chips. As a result, there is no need to install a separate smoker box in them.

How to make the best wood chips for smoking chicken?

You can make it very easily. First, you have to pick a tree. Then it has to be turned into big pieces. Then with the help of a wood chipper, you can turn it into small pieces. This is how wood chips were made very easily. You can do this yourself if you want.   

Our verdict

Our advice is that if you want fruity flavor in meat, then applewood or cheery wood will be best for you. Moreover, if you want super smoky flavor in meat, then Hickory, Mesquite woodChips will be good for you.


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